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The listed methods are non-invasive. They allow you to establish the presence of anisometropia, as well as assess its degree.The rules and methods for correcting anisometropia are determined by the degree and type of propecia error. As a rule, contact lenses or special glasses are used to correct visual dysfunction. But they can only be used if the difference between the refractive power of the right and left eyes does not exceed 3 diopters. Otherwise, the patient experiences discomfort.

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In addition, the eye with impaired function deviates to the side, its rectus muscle is weakened, and strabismus occurs. The degree of anisometropia does not increase with age, but the decrease in vision progresses.

Corrective lenses are selected individually. It is very important to follow the rules for wearing them and regularly visit an ophthalmologist. Possible complications when using lenses are epithelial edema, keratitis, corneal damage. Telescopic spectacles for the treatment of anisometropia are a system of two lenses - converging and diverging. Due to this, the violation of finasteride pills is leveled, and the person acquires clarity of vision.
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With a strong degree of the disease or the absence of the effect of conservative methods of therapy, laser ophthalmic surgery is prescribed. After 1-2 weeks, vision returns to normal. Contraindication to surgery - diseases of the cornea.

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Anisometropia has a favorable prognosis if it is characterized by a mild degree and was detected at an early age. Corrective therapy allows you to completely eliminate visual impairment. Without treatment, the pathology leads to amblyopia and strabismus.

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Diseases of the organs of vision have always been given special attention, because they can manifest themselves in different ways. All of their symptoms have one thing in common - at the first suspicion, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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A complication can be strabismus and even complete relaxation of the muscles of the affected visual organ, which will lead to his blindness.

Accompanied by diplopia, a blurry picture in front of the eyeballs. There is rapid eye fatigue during prolonged visual work. Decreased visual acuity. REFERENCE: According to the International Classification of Diseases, the code for anisometropia according to MBK-10 is H52.3. The main symptoms of the disease:

Doubling of the image.

Contour blur.

Disappearance of visual disturbances when one eye is closed.

Alternate fixation of the object: either with the left or with the right eye.

Some images may look blurry and blurred before the eyes.

Amblyopia may appear. In this case, one eye may completely lose visual function. Aniseikonia is observed - an increase in the difference in image size and image brightness. The appearance of a headache during heavy exertion, for example, while reading or working at a computer.

Symptoms are associated with impaired visual acuity of Propecia , which doctors check using tables or photo-scanning of the eyeball. In order to correctly diagnose the painful condition of the organs of vision, all varieties of anisometropia should be studied.

finasteride pills - up to 3 diopters; The average degree of severity is from 3 to 6 diopters; The high stage of development is more than 6 diopters.

This is the same refractive power of both eyes with different eye axes; Refractive. This is a condition in which there is the same length of the eye axis and different refractive indices; Mixed.

Concomitant convergent strabismus How to determine strabismus Strabismus in a child.

Pathology can be either hereditary with an initial genetic predisposition, or acquired.